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Christian Image Consulting

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Discover your Style, Know your body and be Happy!

It's time to end the eternal fight with your closet and the frustration of not knowing what to wear!

Decide to take the step and achieve that image that you have always wanted to have. The good news is that we all have style and we are all beautiful! But maybe we don't know how to express it every day.

Join the challenge of discovering your own beauty, without comparisons and without anguish. Just concentrating on yourself and how powerful it is to discover yourself beautiful in front of the mirror.

The secret is to feel good about yourself

If you never want to feel sad in front of the mirror, really find out what clothes represent you and what image reflects your personality: you are in the right place!

In this 100% personalized program you will learn to discover your style, identify what your body looks like according to your morphology and you will be able to reflect your personality through your image.

We will DETOX YOUR CLOSET, taking advantage of pieces that you already have, but discarding everything that does not represent you, what does not favor you and above all that you do not even use because you bought it with ignorance of your style and we will create a functional and coherent closet to your lifestyle.

If you are determined to develop authentic confidence to feel beautiful, then let's get started!

What will the project of discovering your style be like?

We will work with you hand in hand and we will go through Chica Chic Fashion's Christian Image and Style Counseling Method.

This method offers a map of 4 functional principles to successfully lead to the transformation of yourself - Building your Personalized Style - in a fun and effective way.

  1. Discover your style
  2. Know your body
  3. Build your closet
  4. Choose your allied Accessories (makeup, personal care and accessories)

At the end of this program you will have all the necessary knowledge to establish lasting changes and feel comfortable with what you see in the mirror.

What does this program include?

Week 1 Discover your Style:

  • Initial Interview- set goals and map direction
  • The different types of style that exist- identifying what you are looking for and common mistakes
  • Discover your style- inspiration vs. aspiration, understand the differences between what is style, image and trends
  • Dress code and occasions - what to wear at certain times

Week 2 Know your body and morphology

  • Know your morphology- We identify your body type
  • Acceptance, affirmation and adaptation - recognizing your strengths, strengthening weaknesses and transforming your potential
  • How to dress according to your morphology-we learn what kind of clothes to use and what not and how to make the correct combinations
  • Face types and general recommendations for each one - we identify your facial morphology and recommendations for your face type.

Week 3 Build your closet

  • The closet: organization and cleaning (DETOX)
  • Wardrobe basics - must-have pieces and the color in your wardrobe
  • Accessories and complements-what complements your style, wallets, scarves, hats etc.
  • Essentials of each season - wear your style in each season of the year

Week 4 Complements (makeup, personal care and accessories)

  • Hair and skin care - general recommendations according to your skin type and hair type
  • Diagnosis of your colorimetry- which color palette you belong to and the colors that favor you in clothes, makeup and dyed hair
  • Accessories- They are not mandatory but they can be an enhancer of your morphology, we will learn which ones favor us
  • Makeup as an ally- understand its use, its benefit and how to use it according to the occasion, you will learn how a basic makeup works

And last but not least, these incredible BONUSES!

  • 12 FREE Chic Girl Dresses according to your morphology
  • 50% discount on the course for new costumers 
  • Guide to hairstyles and haircuts according to your face type

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"Tenía muchas ansias de crear algo que cambiará la vida de muchas mujeres. No quería que fuera cualquier cosa, sino algo significativo, de mucho valor, de transformación personal y que fuera especial para todas nosotras"